Speaking out against sexual harassment

Speaking out against sexual harassment
By Euronews

Speaking out against sexual harassment.

Jeanne Ponte, a twenty-seven-year-old assistant at the European Parliament.

Ponte documented her experiences in her notebook.

She says there are many victims inside the European Parliament.

Most are too scared to say anything

“We need to understand that some women are in work contract and they are dealing with sexual harassment or sexual assault. and it is not easy to stand up and to say you need to talk. We need to make an integrated space for this women or this men to be able to speak,” Ponte told euronews.

Her employer is Edouard Martin, a Socialist MEP from France.

“She came back to the office, she was pale and very upset; so I asked her what was going on and she explained to me that she has been pressed against the wall and seized by an MEP who said she was beautiful and he wanted to know her name, who she was, he wanted to invite her to have a drink. She revealed to me that it was not the first time “.

MEPs voted a motion condemning sexual harassment.

They say they want a “task force of independent experts” to examine allegations of sexual harassment and abuse within the Parliament.

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