Report claims link between animal health and GM crops

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By Euronews
Report claims link between animal health and GM crops

A new report has pointed to possible long-term health problems in cows fed with genetically modified-corn.

Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini based his findings on analysing the health of seventy cows over the period of five years.

He says his study shows a link between the introduction of GMOs and an increased number of diseases developed by the cows.

“These insecticide toxins are produced by just over 15% of transgenic maize in the world. They are known as BT maize like those authorised in Spain for farming,” said Séralini.

“They can be toxic in the long term and create problems on kidneys or mammary glands etc. But this can only be seen if we know exactly what we are doing, on which animals and if we do it for the long term.”

In an emailed statement, EuropaBio, a lobby group that represents biotechnology industry, dismissed Seralini’s report, as “clutching at straws.”

It said wider peer-review studies have never shown a link between the health of animals and GMO crops.