Expat Greeks frustrated over voting rights

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By Euronews
Expat Greeks frustrated over voting rights

Greece might be readying for another election, but Greeks abroad say they feel excluded from this vote.

Electoral rules say that you can only cast your ballot in the elections if they actually return home.

At least twenty thousand Greeks live in Brussels; they are angry about the situation.

Nikos Korogiannakis, a lawyer, said: “What is happening in Greece affects for sure our life. Most of us have relatives there and also we pay taxes in Greece if we have property. “

Twenty-nine year-old Nick studied economics and international relations.

He left Greece in 2011 at the heart of the crisis.

“I have been living the last years outside Greece but this doesn’t mean that I don’t worry for my family, my friends and the future of my country. I hope that the next government will improve the situation in Greece so that we can go back one day. “

An online petition has started criticising the rules.

Some voters have turned to crowdfunding to pay their tickets.

One young professional travelled from London this way.

“We have grown up here, we have studied here and each of us wants to contribute here with our knowledge and experience. Immigration is not a lifestyle choice, we didn’t live just to get 500 euros more in our bank accounts and buy a better car,” said Stefanos Ioannou.