Protesters surround EU buildings as anti-TTIP anger voiced in Brussels

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By Euronews
Protesters surround EU buildings as anti-TTIP anger voiced in Brussels

A protest has shut down much of central Brussels. Its initial intent was to overshadow the last day of the EU’s summit in the Belgium capital, but the 28 member state meeting ended a day early. The protest went on regardless, as demonstrators took to the streets against a controversial EU trade deal known as TTIP being hashed out with the US.

The Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership would create a single market of 800 million people and could be worth up to £94 billion a year to the EU, but campaigners worry about the impact US competitors would have on key European businesses and institutions. One health worker taking part in the protest told euronews her concerns.

“I am part of the health profession and i wonder what is healthcare in the United States. I mean there people are not entitled to care , they have to pay, everything is privatized , we want people to continue to eat healthy, to heal, to have access not just because they have money , simply because they are citizens and that there is solidarity between people.”

Farmers and trade unions made up much of the ranks in the protest. Undeterred by the rain and lack of a summit to surround, those in attendance promised to return in February 2015 when the next round of negotiations are set to take place to push through the trade deal.