Choose carefully - the safety and quality of toys and games

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By Euronews
Choose carefully - the safety and quality of toys and games

Consumer rights relating to the safety and quality of toys is the subject of this Utalk.

The question is from Paul in Marseille: “As Christmas approaches, how can we know what are the best and safest toys and games to buy. And what do we do in case of faulty or unwanted presents?”

The response is from Euronews’ Raphaële Tavernier:

“Well first of all, the legislation regulating toys and games is harmonised across the EU. That means that in France as in any other member state, toys and games have to meet the same set of quality norms. So when buying a toy or a game, first check that they bear the “CE” conformity marking.

“This logo certifies that the product meets the safety specifications defined by the European authorities.

“Secondly, always pay close attention to the age recommendations on toys and games and choose one according to the child’s age, especially for children under 3, who are particularly vulnerable.

“Also important; read carefully recommendations and other warnings on the label or packaging of the product. Avoid toys and games without instruction manuals or instruction manuals that haven’t been translated into your language.

“Finally if the present you bought turns out to be faulty, you now have the right to a minimum two-year guarantee period. This legal guarantee applies to goods bought online as well as in a shop.

“In case of an unwanted present, you have two options. If the purchase was made online or elsewhere than in a shop, you have 14 days to return it.

“However, if the present was bought in a shop it’s not covered by the EU regulation. You’ll have to deal directly with the seller.”

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