Social media: the frontline for British Muslims battling ISIL

Social media: the frontline for British Muslims battling ISIL
By Euronews
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In the UK there is mounting concern and anger over the extreme jihadist group Islam State. From British foreign fighters to a high tech propaganda campaign, ISIL has been waging both a physical and psychological war that many worry will be difficult to stop.

For Britain’s Muslim communities, it is a highly emotional and even tense time. Yet they have also been accused of not speaking out strongly enough against those who have tarnished the name of their religion.

That is, until now. Shaukat Warraich is behind a series of videos in which British Imams condemn ISIL and its brutal version of Islam. Warraich admits these videos are just the beginning of a new type of battle.

In this edition of Reporter, euronews’ Valerie Zabriskie meets Muslims in the UK trying to turn the tide against IS and its campaign of extreme violence. She also talks to experts about how the organisation achieved such shocking success in a relatively short period. She discovers an empire built on financial savvy and media manipulation.

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