Trailblazing magician uses her tricks to spread climate change awareness

Megan Swann, magician.
Megan Swann, magician.   -  Copyright  Reuters
By Jill Pole  with Reuters

Megan Swann is a trail-blazing female magician whose tricks hold a vital message.

When she was born in 1992, the traditionally male-dominated world of magic had only just started allowing women to join the Magic Circle magicians' society.

Now at 30, Swann is not only the youngest and first female president of the society, but she's using her position and magic to raise awareness about climate change and the environment.

Swann studied wildlife conservation at university, growing increasingly despondent at the huge issues facing the natural world, and the lack of action.

"One of the key things I realised from my degree was how important environmental education is. We have so many of the solutions to solve these problems, but we don't use them."

I use magic as a communications tool. It's a way to capture attention and share a message in a fun way.
Megan Swann

So Swann began creating tricks with an environmental message to perform at schools.

"I use magic as a communications tool. It's a way to capture attention and share a message in a fun way," she said.

Can magic tricks save the planet?Reuters

What's her best environmental trick?

Swann, who got her first magic set at five years old, said one of her favourite tricks involves three ropes representing plants, animals and insects. They start at equal length to show nature in balance.

"As I talk about the issues the world faces, mainly caused by us humans, they become different sizes... I then talk about what we can do to help restore the ropes back to their original, equal length."

Swann said although the world of magic is still male dominated and will remain so for some time, things are changing.

"I definitely feel it has become more welcoming... We (women) are valued members of the Magic Circle."