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Europe’s coolest recycling projects being crowdfunded right now

Europe’s coolest recycling projects being crowdfunded right now
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By Rachel Graham
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There's your usual repurposing ocean plastic plus cinnamon t-shirts and wine barrel home decor.


Sustainability is going to be bigger business than ever in 2020. A host of brave entrepreneurs have made it their new year's resolution to take a bite out of the burgeoning market and provide sustainable alternatives to everyday products. And the age of crowdfunding means you could be a part of helping these brands to grow as well as being among the first to own their products.

Not only are these products preventing damage to the Earth that would occur if they had been made with virgin materials, but each sets out its environmental commitments as part of its campaign.

We checked out some of the nifty new products seeking your investment now.

Dinner set

Industrial clay waste, recycled glass, old bricks and broken tableware don’t sound like the most appetising surfaces to eat your dinner from.

But once Granbyware has ground them into a fine powder and separated them into a range of beautifully modern colour palettes, they become a stunning world first set of recycled dinnerware.

Check out what's on offer here.

Cinnamon t-shirt


Koup’s cinnamon t-shirt has the spice woven into its fibres in a bid to take advantage of its all-natural anti-microbial and anti-odour properties. The brand claims cinnamon is a longer lasting alternative to those brands using metal to prevent odour in sportswear.

Its patented technology will mean the clothes repel smells throughout their lifetimes. Even better, they’re made from recycled yarn and designed to be recycled once again when they’ve reached the end of their lives.

Here's the campaign.

Ocean plastic smartphone accessories

It takes 3kg of ocean plastic to create a single one of these phone cases by Gravity Wave.

The brand works with fishermen in the Mediterranean Sea, using the plastic debris collected by fishing boats before taking them to a recycling centre in Alicante and using 3D printing to make them into smartphone cases.

Find out more and pledge here.

Glasses from food packaging

Cyrille Xemard

These super funky glasses are created from old yoghurt cups. Not just that, but they're super affordable too. The range of colours come from the brightly coloured options available on supermarket shelves, the brainchild of artistic eyewear designer Cyrille Xemard.

The 18 models are up to 25% lighter than your average set of specs, and can be accompanied by a glasses case made from recycled water bottles.

Take a look at the campaign here.

Wine barrel lamp

Artisan Italian woodworker Winetage repurposes old wine barrels to make luxury lamps. Using Bordeaux and Bourgogne barrels for slightly different colours and size characteristics, it promises zero factories in favour of small scale workshops resulting in each lamp having its own individual character.

Best of all, for a short time the wood will retain its winey aroma.

Find out which one suits you.


Coffee bean trainers

Every pair of Rens is constructed from 300g of locally sourced and recycled coffee grounds and the equivalent of six recycled plastic bottles. Its coffee is consumer waste that would otherwise end up in landfills and contribute to climate change.

Thankfully they're also waterproof and completely vegan.

Nab a pair before the crowdfund is over.

Which of these products do you think is serving the best purpose?

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