Today is World Oceans Day, what are you doing about plastic pollution?

By Maeve Campbell
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Celebrate this important day with our guide on what you can do to reduce your plastic footprint on the earth.


Earlier this week, we celebrated World Environment Day by honouring the 2019 theme #BeatAirPollution. Today however, is just as important, as it the one day of the year dedicated to talking openly about the state of our oceans and what we can do to reduce the rate of plastic pollution. You’ve heard the statistics, watched the David Attenborough documentaries, listened to Greta Thunberg’s speeches and maybe even taken part in the protests, but it’s time we all started taking this seriously. How can we adapt our individual lifestyles to reduce waste and stop littering our seas with rubbish?

Day by day, we destroy whole eco-systems and marine life by continuing to use superfluous items like single-use straws and plastic bottles that we simply could do without, in the western world. Our planet has a plastic problem. Of the billions of tons produced, a whole 91% is not recycled.

We’ve rounded up some ways to guide you towards helping preserve the natural beauty and life of our oceans. Here are our top articles on waste, plastic use and what people around the world are doing to increase awareness:

Stop using plastic straws, they take 500 years to decompose

Selection of drinks using plastic straws

In recent news, the UK announced their up and coming ban on plastic straws, among other single-use plastic items. Get the low down here.

Go plastic-free at music festivals

Reusable drinking cups at festival

All the ways you can reduce your plastic use at events and festivals. Events such as these are some of the most plastic polluting of all, leaving behind tons of litter, which rarely gets recycled properly. 

Use shampoo bars rather than buying bottles

Shampoo soap bars being cut

Everything you need to know about 'ethical shampoo', shampoo/conditioner bars and recyclable packaging. This is a great, every-day way you can adapt your lifestyle to using less plastic. 

Visit the wonders of this plastic-free island

Croatia boat trip

This plastic-free island in Croatia is not only a dreamy holiday destination, it's actually making a difference to our world's oceans. Explore a whole host of green initiatives in Croatia on your next week away in the sun. Or if you're more a city break kind of person, this hotel in London has gone plastic-free too. 

Make your holiday zero-waste

Lounging woman by the pool, in a sunhat

There are many ways you can go zero-waste. But speaking of holidays, how can you make your holiday zero-waste? We've done the research for you, so here's our guide on how to make sure you're having a greener travel experience. 

All the best plastic alternatives, from seaweed to avocado seeds

Three avocados

We've conducted some in-depth research into the 'plastics of the future' from around the world. Today is the day to learn more about them and tell your friends what you've discovered. 

Throw an environmentally-friendly party

Party decorations

Who doesn't love a party? Well, plenty of marine species under the sea are not fans of all those single-use plastic decorations you're putting up, or the disposable plastic cutlery you're handing out. Take a look at how you can throw a more eco-friendly party next time round. 

Don't smoke non-biodegradable cigarettes

Cigarette in hand

Cigarette filters are made from plastic called cellulose acetate, which takes up to 15 years to decompose. Read all about it here and, if you smoke, switch to eco-friendly cigarettes sharpish!

Go 'plogging' in Sweden

Woman jogging in the park

What is 'plogging'? Sweden's new eco-sport is a new, innovative way to collect plastic on your daily commute - so how do you incorporate it into your exercise routine?

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