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Come on Barbie, let's go to the cinema! What to wear to the movie of the year

Whether you're a Barbie, a Ken or everything in between, there's a look for you to wear to the movie of the year
Whether you're a Barbie, a Ken or everything in between, there's a look for you to wear to the movie of the year Copyright Euronews/Canva/Fossil/Canada Pooch/Zara/Aldo/Unique Vintage/OPI
Copyright Euronews/Canva/Fossil/Canada Pooch/Zara/Aldo/Unique Vintage/OPI
By Saskia O'Donoghue
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Euronews Culture is counting down the seconds to the release of the long-awaited Barbie movie and, like many fans, we're planning our outfits for our trip to the cinema. If you're stumped on what to wear, we're here to inspire you - from head to toe.


Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are eagerly waiting for Friday (21 July) to come and arrival of the Barbie movie in cinemas.

Whether you’re counting down the minutes or being dragged along to watch what’s likely to be the film of the year, it’s the perfect time to change up your wardrobe.

There’s been little escape from the insane marketing campaign over the last month and it seems like nearly every brand has launched a collaboration with the world famous doll.

If you want to channel Barbie herself, bring ‘Ken-ergy’ to the movie theatre or give the slightest of sartorial nods to Greta Gerwig’s cinematic masterpiece, Euronews Culture is here to give you a rundown on what to wear come the weekend.

Tell the time like Barbie with this fabulous Fossil watchFossil

Starting off with the most practical - yet perfectly pink - piece on this list: a watch from Fossil’s collaboration.

You absolutely won’t want to be late for the start of the Barbie movie so this timepiece is perfect. Featuring Barbie-inspired charms, you’ll be able to wear the stylish watch long after the credits have rolled.

Fossil's Barbie capsule collection also features jewellery and bagsFossil

As well as their limited edition Barbie watches, Fossil have also released a fabulous array of rings, necklaces, bags - and even Barbie-inspired key rings.

In the mood for just a pop of colour? Why not paint your nails in Barbie's favourite shades?OPI

If you’re not keen to drop a significant amount of cash on a new outfit or accessories, painting your nails in a perfectly Barbie shade is a fabulous alternative.

OPI’s collaboration has made Barbiecore nails accessible for everyone with nine limited edition colours to choose from.

The names are amazing too - you can paint your nails with shades called ‘Every Night is Girls Night’ and ‘Welcome to Barbie Land!’. They’ll add a Barbie-esque pop of colour to even the plainest of outfits.

A Barbie fan's ultimate must have? A flip phone mirror, of courseNYX

While there are countless cosmetics inspired by Barbie, NYX’s collaboration is one of the most fun.

The limited-edition collection features eyeshadow and lip palettes, lip glosses and even false eyelashes. Our favourite piece, though, is the compact mirror, shaped like a retro flip phone - perfect for checking your Barbie-inspired makeup is intact after leaving the flicks.

Zara's collaboration taps into a number of Barbie-inspired looksZara

High street powerhouse Zara has got in on the Barbie action too, launching a collection this week which has been all over social media.

From cowgirl Barbie to Barbie fan - Zara has a wide range of inspired looks on saleZara

If you want to dress just like Barbie, you could plump for the line’s pink gingham dress which is very similar to one worn by Margot Robbie in the film’s trailer. For the more casual fan, Zara are also offering t-shirts printed with images of the iconic doll’s image as well as black and white swimsuits, resembling the piece worn by the Original Barbie from 1959 (and recreated by Robbie on the epic press tour).

One for the Ken contigent - Zara's collab with Barbie doesn't exclude fans of the world's most famous boyfriendZara

Don’t worry if you’re keener to dress like a Ken - they aren’t left out at Zara. Offerings for men include a denim cowboy outfit, complete with cowboy boots and a gingham two-piece. We can’t wait to see couples donning these looks at the cinema!

Unique Vintage
Unique Vintage's collab dives into the retro Barbie lookUnique Vintage

If the retro iterations of Barbies are more your speed, look to Unique Vintage for your cinema outfit. The brand’s collaboration pays homage to Barbies of yesteryear, with pieces including a recreation of the ‘Solo in the Spotlight’ dress worn by Robbie to the film’s world premiere. There’s also a lot of pink - no surprises there - as well as sporty jackets, perfect for popping on if the cinema’s aircon gets a little too chilly.

Aldo's shoe collaboration features pieces even Barbie would be proud to wearAldo

The reviews are in - for Aldo’s Barbie collaboration at least. While most of the collection looks deeply impractical, they’ve been a hit across social media, with fans saying they’re far more comfortable than they look.

The shoes all come in perfectly pink and silver Barbie tones, with added hearts and sparkles. That’s not all - each piece comes in Barbie-themed packaging which will make every closet look a little bit more adorable. 

This Barbie is comfortable - Crocs have released a pink collaborationCrocs

Whether we like it or not, Crocs are everywhere. It’s no surprise, then, that the footwear giant has teamed up with Barbie to release a collection.

If you’re a fan of the controversial shoe, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the line which includes a pink, platform clog, glittery designs and fluffy sandals.

The real question with this collab though is… would Barbie be seen dead in Crocs? The jury is still out on that one!

Impala Skate
Glide into the cinema on skates - it's what Barbie would do!Impala Skate

Why not make like Barbie and Ken and glide into the cinema on these neon Impala Skate beauties?

They’re a replica of the roller skates worn by both the plastic couple in the Barbie movie so you’ll be part of the action in more ways than one with these strapped to your feet.


N.B. Euronews Culture is not responsible for any injuries caused while wearing these!

Accessorise like Barbie with Kitsch's collaborationKitsch

Hair care brand Kitsch have hopped on the movie’s train, Barbie-fying their products with details which wouldn’t look out of place in the doll’s own Dreamhouse.

Featuring rhinestone accents and neon colours, the collection includes satin scrunchies, gingham hair claws and even a silk pillowcase to ensure you don’t have a hair out of place while watching the movie.

High fashion Barbie: Balmain have released super snazzy sunglassesBalmain

Luxury house Balmain proves that Barbie is for everyone - the 1% included. The French company has released a clothing line inspired by the iconic doll, along with accessories, bags and Barbie-themed packaging. Our favourite piece is the pink, cat eye sunglasses, which are perfect to wear leaving the cinema to hide your happy tears. The only downside is the price - they’ll set you back a staggering €420.

Why not go all in and dye your hair a Barbie-inspired colour?!Hally

This one is for the serious Barbie fans only. Hally has released three hair dyes for those movie-goers who want to be fully immersed in the doll’s environment. After all, in a world where you can be anything, why not be someone who has pink, purple, or blue hair? (We’re happy to confirm that all the shades are temporary and wash right out!)

Canada Pooch
Best dressed pup - Canada Pooch have released a line of Barbie-inspired dog outfitsCanada Pooch

We don’t claim to know the rules over whether or not dogs are allowed inside cinemas - but we can certainly say they should be! Whether your four-legged friend is accompanying you to the movies or not, you can dress them in Canada Pooch's Barbie collaboration, which features pet attire, hats and toys emblazoned with the iconic logo. If you have to leave your pup at home, don’t worry - they have Barbie-themed beds, too!

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