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Rammstein HQ vandalised in Berlin

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann perform in Moscow, 2010
Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann perform in Moscow, 2010 Copyright AP
Copyright AP
By Saskia O'Donoghue
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The heavy metal band's property was attacked following ongoing allegations of sexual assaulted levelled against frontman Till Lindemann.


Activists have launched an attack on the Rammstein’s headquarters in Berlin, in an apparent act of vandalism.

Law enforcement officials confirmed the incident against the heavy metal band’s property, where activists broke windows and sprayed graffiti reading "No stage for perpetrators".

State security have since taken over the investigation because a political motivation could not be ruled out. Early information suggests that a left-wing extremist group has taken responsibility for the attack.

An account named "North East Antifa Berlin" pointed out the incident on Twitter, linking to a short article on Kontrapolis, a platform selling itself as one of "open news and debate" which alleges to be "part of the emancipatory, anti-authoritarian and revolutionary fighting in this city".

The linked text reads: “The front screens were smashed and under the ugly Rammstein logo it now says ‘No stage for perpetrators’.”

The attack seems to be in response to sexual assault allegations recently levelled against Till Lindemann, the frontman for the band, one of Germany’s best-known international music acts.

Twitter user Shelby Lynn, 24, has accused 60-year-old Lindermann and his crew of the abuse, claiming her drink was spiked with drugs when she attended the band’s gig in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Lynn alleges she was invited to a party at which Lindemann acted aggressively towards her when she refused to have sex with him and claims she vomited for 24 hours after the gig. She posted pictures of her injuries online and has filed a complaint, which Lindemann has refuted.

Other women have since spoken out and statements released by representatives for the band saying they're taking the accusations very seriously have been deemed insufficient, with some fans saying they will no longer support Rammstein in any way.

This is a fast moving story and Euronews Culture journalists will be updating it as it continues.

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