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Warner Bros.'s new streaming strategy includes Harry Potter HBO Max series

Warner Bros. close to inking deal for Harry Potter HBO Max series
Warner Bros. close to inking deal for Harry Potter HBO Max series Copyright Warner Bros.
Copyright Warner Bros.
By David Mouriquand
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Accio Depressingly Predictable Reboot! Warner Bros. close to inking deal for Harry Potter HBO Max series


Hate to say we told you so…

In December, we reported that rumours had been circulating that Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) were considering rebooting the beloved and record-setting Harry Potter series with an entirely new cast.

More precisions have come to light, as WBD are apparently now in talks to produce a new 7-season TV adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s book series for HBO Max. 

Each season of the series would be based on one of Rowling’s seven main entries in the Harry Potter series, opening up the possibility for a multi-year franchise.

The talks are reportedly at the preliminary stage, and there’s no news on whether Rowling has signed off on the project. It has been noted that the author would have some level of involvement in the series, in order to “to ensure it remains loyal to her original material”.

Warner Bros.
So long Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint - a new cast will be taking over in the new Harry Potter seriesWarner Bros.

While this news isn’t surprising - the franchise has hauled in $25 billion in revenue since 1997 and Warner Bros. were always going to seek out new fans now that the Harry Potter fandom is aging out - it remains to be seen whether audiences will be willing to accept a new show, with a new cast, considering the controversy around Rowling.

While the author wouldn’t necessarily be the show’s primary creator or showrunner, she has attracted controversy for her views on the transgender community, having shared numerous statements condemned as transphobic. Earlier this year, fans shied away from Warner Bros.’ 'Hogwarts Legacy' game released in February, with many boycotting it outright. One Twitch streamer has even started a fundraiser for the Mermaids charity - which has supported transgender, non-binary and gender diverse young people and their family for nearly thirty years - asking people to donate the €56 cost of the game instead of buying it.

We should get more precisions on the TV show soon enough, as WBD is hosting a presentation for investors and the general public next week, on 12 April. The presentation will preview the company's new streaming strategy and new streaming platform – which will collapse HBO Max and Discovery+ into one.

Additional sources • Bloomberg

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