People carry torches during Nowruz celebrations - Akra, Iraq
People carry torches during Nowruz celebrations - Akra, Iraq Copyright Alaa Al-Marjani / Reuters

Nowruz 2023: Kurdish new year celebrations in pictures

By David Mouriquand
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Nowruz includes the countries of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Northern Iraq and parts of western China


Nowruz, the Persian New Year was celebrated this week by more than 300 million people in countries spanning the Balkans, the Black Sea Basin, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

Take a look at these pictures of this year's celebrations. 

AP Photo
Iraqi Kurds celebrate Nowruz - Sulaimaniyah, IraqAP Photo
AP Photo
A girl buys a balloon during Nowruz - Kabul, AfghanistanAP Photo
AP Photo
Selfie during Nowruz - KazakhstanAP Photo
AP Photo
Tajiks participate in Nowruz celebrations - Kabul, AfghanistanAP Photo
Safin Hamed / AFP
Men use a horse to transport torches - Akra, IraqSafin Hamed / AFP
Ilyas Akengin / AFP
Nowruz selfie - Diyarbakir, TurkeyIlyas Akengin / AFP
Ismael Adnan / AFP
Gathering in Nowruz Square - Dohuk, IraqIsmael Adnan / AFP
Igor Kovalenko / EPA
Women wearing traditional costumes for Nowruz - Bishkek, KyrgyzstanIgor Kovalenko / EPA
Ilyas Akengin / AFP
Kurds gather around a bonfire during Nowruz celebrations - Diyarbakir, TurkeyIlyas Akengin / AFP
Alaa Al-Marjani / Reuters
Iraqi Kurdish people with fire torches for Nowruz celebrations - Akra, IraqAlaa Al-Marjani / Reuters
Delil Souleiman / AFP
Dancing girl wearing traditional clothing near Turkish border - Al-Qahtaniyah, SyriaDelil Souleiman / AFP
Safin Hamed / AFP
Kurdish man holds lit torches - Akra, IraqSafin Hamed / AFP
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