'Save Our Squad' - David Beckham mentors underdog football youth team in upcoming series

A preview shot of David Beckham mentoring in 'Save Our Squad'
A preview shot of David Beckham mentoring in 'Save Our Squad'   -   Copyright  Credit: Disney+
By Theo Farrant  & AP

Step aside Ted Lasso and Ryan Reynolds, it's David Beckham's turn to breathe new life into a down and out football team. 

Disney+ have released the full trailer for 'Save Our Squad', an upcoming series which follows England football royalty and former Manchester United star David Beckham, as he returns to his East London roots to mentor Westward Boys, a young team struggling and at the bottom of their league. 

In the series, David Beckham mentors the squad, spending time with the players and their families, learning about their lives and talking to them about life beyond the pitch. 

The recently released trailer shows the squad meeting Beckham for the first time, with one member of the team bantering with the football legend on his missed penalties. 

"I've missed a couple of penalties," admits Beckham. 

To the surprise of the Westward Boys, the free kick maestro then reveals he played in the same league as them when he was a young boy.

Using archive footage, the series also explores the career and personal life of Beckham. 

'Save Our Squad with David Beckham' is co-produced by the BAFTA winning production company Twenty Twenty and Studio 99, the production studio co-founded by Beckham.

The series premieres exclusively on Disney+ on 9 November 2022.

Check out the video above to watch the official trailer for the series

Video editor • Theo Farrant