These wedding dresses are made out of toilet paper

Toilet paper wedding dresses
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By Lindsay Lowe with TODAY Lifestyle
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Toilet paper has never looked so beautiful!


Here comes the bride, all dressed in … two-ply?

Creative designers around the US are vying for the top prize in the 14th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, organized by the wedding website Cheap Chic Weddings in partnership with Quilted Northern.

Dressmakers were tasked with creating a wearable, on-trend wedding gown and headpiece using only Quilted Northern toilet paper, glue, tape and needle and thread.
Ronaldo Cruz, a florist by trade, designed this unbelievable

More than 1,500 people around the country submitted entries. The top 10 finalists were recently announced, and their creations are out of this world.

Susan Brennan, a yoga instructor from Orchard Lake, Michigan, made a stunning dress with floral detailing that would not look out of place at a couture bridal shop.
How is this dress made of toilet paper?

Meanwhile, actress and singer Kari Curletto made a stunning, princess-style gown with unbelievable craftsmanship.
Kari Curletto of Las Vegas made a toilet paper gown fit for a

Curletto made a cage crinoline using only tape, glue and toilet paper, and she "spun 1,600 feet of Quilted Northern to make the fine, see-through lace for the Mantilla veil."

"I used a modified power tool as my DIY spindle," she added in a statement.

The first-place winner of the contest will win $10,000 and the second- and third-place winners will receive $5,000 and $2,000, respectively. The winner of a fan voting competition will also take home $1,000.
Susan Nicholson of Kennesaw, Georgia, outdid herself with this Cinderella-style

"We are in constant awe of these artfully crafted dresses year after year and hope to continue to inspire brides both past and present with these couture creations," Susan Bain, the co-founder of Cheap Chic Weddings, said in a release.
This is the first time Chae Rim of Centerville, Ohio, has entered the

Some of the contestants this year are first-time entrants, while others have entered multiple times in the past. August Manzanares has entered three times, and has also reached the top 10 three times.
"Using unconventional materials to create fashion is one of my favorite things to do as it shows that fashion is a world without limits or rules," said designer Augusto

"I am a designer who loves to work with unconventional materials like toilet paper," the New York City-based designer said in a statement. "I wanted to create and challenge myself in making the illusion of a lace fabric and making it more flexible to be more comfortable for a person to wear."

Julie Haas of Stockton, Illinois, thought outside the box when she designed this blue and pink gown. This is her fourth year in the top 10.
Julie Haas of Stockton, Illinois, used pastel blue and pink toilet paper to create this

And designer Frank Cazares outdid himself with this intricately woven dress and headpiece.
Frank Cazares of Palm Springs, California, used unbelievable craftsmanship to create this TP

Finally, Mimoza Haska made this unbelievable gown inspired by spring.

"It's a corset top and three-layered, princess-style bottom," Haska explained in a statement. "The top layer is like lace."
Donna Vincler won the grand prize in 2015, and she’s back with this incredible floral

The grand prize winner won't be announced until June 20, but it's safe to say all these designers are … on a roll!

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