Woman replaces ex-boyfriend with cat in family photos

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Copyright Chloe Forsberg
Copyright Chloe Forsberg
By Bryanna Cappadona with TODAY Lifestyle
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When Chloe Forsberg broke up with her boyfriend of four years, her sister did what had to be done: replace Chloe's ex with pics of her cat in family photos.


We're all familiar with the steps of recovery after a breakup: denial, bargaining, anger, acceptance, hope and ... editing your ex out all of your old pics.

Right? Well, let's consider the last one optional — but boy, does it help.

How to get over a breakup — with a little help from the family cat.
How to get over a breakup — with a little help from the family cat.Chloe Forsberg

When 27-year-old Chloe Forsberg of Southampton, England, recently broke up with her boyfriend of four years, her sister, Emily, 29, did what had to be done: She revisited important family photos that Chloe's ex appeared in and replaced him with pictures of Chloe's cat.

"My cousin got married and my boyfriend — we were together four years — he was in all the official pictures," Forsberg told TODAY. "When we broke up six months (after the wedding), my sister thought it'd be fun to replace him with a picture of my cat. It was a joke, really. I felt a bit bad to have the pictures ruined with photos of him. But my sister made me feel a bit better about it."

How cute is this fluffy guy?!
How cute is this fluffy guy?!Chloe Forsberg

The best part? "It was done on Microsoft Paint!" — no Photoshop skills required!

Woof, the beloved cat who belongs to Forsberg's family, became part of the clan when Forsberg was just 10 years old.

"We kind of grew up with him," she said. Sadly, Woof passed away last year at the age of 16.

As for Forsberg's former boyfriend, she said he's totally in on the joke.

Chloe Forsberg

"No hard feelings toward my ex-boyfriend!" Forsberg said. "We spoke about it and we had a laugh. Some people thought it was a bit of a cruel thing, but he found it funny!"

You know what they say: Partners come and go, but love from big, fluffy cats is forever.

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