Woody Allen's latest nostalgia goes back to the 1930s

Woody Allen's latest nostalgia goes back to the 1930s
By Euronews

Woody Allen continues to stay with his blistering pace of pushing out a film a year. His latest entry, “Cafe Society” is set in the 1930s, and stars Jesse Eisenberg as Bobby, a plucky young New Yorker who moves out to Los Angeles to get a job working for his powerful talent agent uncle Phil played Steve Carell.

Bobby doesn’t have any clear-cut aspirations beyond living among the fabulous in Hollywood, but soon his attention turns to Vonnie, a pretty secretary in Phil’s office, played Kristen Stewart.

“It was fun on an aesthetic level because everyone who works on Woody’s movies are incredibly detail-oriented; the costumes were perfect, you know, they were exquisitely built,” she said.

This new romantic comedy has indeed nothing new. All the themes and character cherished by Allen are there: the older man romancing a beautiful younger woman, some philosophical digressions, a touch of social satire and of course a jazzy score.

Blake Lively plays the role of Veronica, a glamorous divorcee. “Doing a period film with Woody Allen and Vittorio (Storaro) and the way that they tell the story is so beautiful. But also, Woody, music is so intrinsic to what he does, and 1930s music specifically,” she said.

“It’s stressful because you know what a big deal it is to work with such an iconic filmmaker, so the stress is kind of self-imposed. But there is a level of confidence that comes too because he knows what he’s doing, he has it down pat,” she said.

“He’s not going to go through the motions with you, so you feel taken care of. You feel like you’re going to be in a good movie. “

“Cafe Society” was the opening film of the latest Cannes Film Festival and the film is releasing worldwide this summer.