'No Escape' puts Owen Wilson's family in peril

'No Escape' puts Owen Wilson's family in peril
By Euronews
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“No Escape”, from writer-director siblings John and Drew Dowdle tells the tale of Americans-abroad in a nondescript southeast Asian country. All is


“No Escape”, from writer-director siblings John and Drew Dowdle tells the tale of Americans-abroad in a nondescript southeast Asian country.

All is well for lead actors Owen Wilson and Lake Bell, who have relocated their on-screen family to Asia, until a coup breaks out, but luckily ex-Bond star Pierce Brosnan is on hand to guide them through the mayhem.

Comedy staple Wilson used his experience of playing an average dad to draw in the audience before he turns into an unlikely action hero.

“Doing those scenes in the beginning where you just sort of see a family that is kind comfortable with each other, I think that as I was doing those scenes, they felt very familiar because I’ve done those in other movies and then the rug just kind of gets pulled out from under my character and I think the audience also, because everything starts to happen really fast.”

Playing against type was a deliberate choice for the two comedy stars as Bell explains.

“It lulls the audience into a false sense of comfort, so you think: it’s not going to get that bad. It’s these guys, you know. And then it just gets that bad. And you’re so invested in a different frame of mind that it’s unnerving and kind of exciting.”

Bell, literally threw herself into the role of the terrified mother, opting to do many of her own stunts.

Even after injuring her back on the second day of filming, the actress said she “soldiered on.”

It has been more than a decade since Brosnan played Bond, but “No Escape” allows him another taste of action.

“It’s a real rollercoaster ride and it’s about a family and these hellish, dangerous conditions. And I play a character who’s fractured, broken and comes in and redeems his whole life,” he said attending the film’s US premiere.

The movie has met with mixed reviews, with many critics panning what they say is the film’s xenophobia. It has even been banned in Cambodia over the use of Khmer script on riot police shields.

No Escape review: Owen Wilson and Lake Bell suffer boggle-eyed panic attack http://t.co/DwDPqDhNZG

— Guardian Film (@guardianfilm) August 28, 2015

Film Review: "No Escape," with Owen Wilson, is taut but deeply troubled, jakecoyleAP</a> writes: <a href="http://t.co/CqZGUp9c4c">http://t.co/CqZGUp9c4c</a></p>&mdash; The Associated Press (AP) August 26, 2015

.NoEscape</a> kicked off its box office run with $1.2 million on Wednesday <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/MovieNews?src=hash">#MovieNews</a> <a href="http://t.co/EIm0TXqE7D">http://t.co/EIm0TXqE7D</a></p>&mdash; IMDb (IMDb) August 27, 2015

The film will be on European screens from 2 September onwards.

Other release dates

Canada 26 August 2015

Philippines 26 August 2015

USA 26 August 2015

Singapore 27 August 2015

Pakistan 28 August 2015


Turkey 28 August 2015

France 2 September 2015

Chile 3 September 2015

Denmark 3 September 2015

Hong Kong 3 September 2015


Iraq 3 September 2015

Lebanon 3 September 2015

Portugal 3 September 2015

UK 4 September 2015

Ireland 4 September 2015


Iceland 4 September 2015

Lithuania 4 September 2015

Sweden 4 September 2015

Japan 5 September 2015

Italy 10 September 2015


Taiwan 16 October 2015

Greece 29 October 2015

Netherlands 29 October 2015

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