Tired of anger on social media? Dominique Jaurola offers a better approach for engagement

Tired of anger on social media? Dominique Jaurola offers a better approach for engagement
By Marta Rodriguez MartinezTom Goodwin
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Entrepreneur, futurist and author Dominique Jaurola believes that change is possible through the implementation of new structures for human engagement.


Having witnessed Nokia’s transformation from a small company into a household name and having helped numerous organisations to navigate change, Dominique Jaurola has launched Hunome, a startup aimed at connecting the dots to foster better understanding.

My Wildest Prediction is a podcast series from Euronews Business where we dare to imagine the future with business and tech visionaries. In this episode, Tom Goodwin talks with Dominique Jaurola, CEO of Hunome, about the future of decision-making.

A new approach to social media

Mark Zuckerberg said his initial motivation to found Facebook back in 2004 was that he was "just trying to help connect people at colleges and a few schools."

The founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, aimed to provide a platform for people to share short, real-time updates with others. In 2022, Elon Musk said he bought it to turn it into an "everything app," renaming it X.

These motivations differ significantly from those that drove Dominique Jaurola to found Hunome.

She wanted to bring together what she defines as social creatives, "a small group of well-educated individuals from around the world who seek to make a difference."

She claims Hunome serves as a space for informed discussions to make sense of the world, free from the anger often seen on social media.

"I think the level of anger has increased in the world," says Jaurola. "I don't think it's just about the underbelly now being shown, but it's about the fact that our world has become more complex. Often, decisions are made based on slogans, lacking robust, sustainable plans to solve structural problems. This erodes trust in political decision-makers."

According to Jaurola, there is no room for that on Hunome.

She describes it as a blog post where a new user can set the scene, and others can connect their thoughts to that initial spark, creating thought connections and trains of thought.

Some current topics being discussed include depopulation, cancer treatments, and the future of work.

"People have experiences, and those experiences might be insignificant individually, but when there are thousands of similar experiences, they become significant", Jaurola says.

"The best scenarios occur when there is representation from different perspectives."

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