My Wildest Prediction: The podcast that dares to imagine the future with business visionaries

Dare to imagine the future with business and tech visionaries.
Dare to imagine the future with business and tech visionaries. Copyright Euronews Business
By Marta Rodriguez MartinezTom Goodwin
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Dating apps will die, capitalism is over, and social apps will slowly disappear... Get ready for some very wild predictions from the world's tech and business leaders as they chat about the future with innovation expert Tom Goodwin.


Stay at the forefront of the ever-changing business world alongside CEOs, tech disruptors, and entrepreneurs as they reveal their boldest predictions that have the potential to transform our world. 

On My Wildest Prediction, we not only have the courage to forecast the future but also engage in discussions about the pathways to reaching those predictions.

Listen to all My Wildest Prediction episodes

1 - 'Dating apps will die' with Former Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg

Renate Nyborg was Tinder's first female CEO, but she left the popular dating app with a mission to use technology to combat loneliness. She is launching a new app, Meeno, that utilizes AI to help solve relationship problems. She also predicts that the future will involve fewer online dating experiences and more real-life encounters.

In this first episode of My Wildest Prediction, Tom Goodwin discusses with Renate Nyborg her boldest predictions on love and chatbots.

Euronews' new podcast for those who want to get ahead of the future

Join us on My Wildest Prediction, a podcast where we dare to envision the future alongside business and tech visionaries. 

Hosted by innovation expert and futurist speaker Tom Goodwin, this podcast delves into groundbreaking forecasts in the realm of technology and business. ​

Tom Goodwin has dedicated years to contemplating and articulating the impacts of disruptive innovations on our lives. 

Some anticipate a future arriving sooner and surpassing our wildest dreams, with a pace of change faster than ever. Conversely, others foresee a dystopian tipping point on the horizon. In this age of tension, the potential of what's achievable clashes with the chaos of the present. 

The most effective way to comprehend the future is to stimulate discussions about the topics that truly matter.

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