Ensuring top quality food at Paris farming show

Ensuring top quality food at Paris farming show
By Euronews
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People attending the International Agriculture Show in Paris are interested in all phases of agricultural and livestock breeding processes. And one of the topics of interest is the safety of what we eat, such as milk, cheese and meat. One way to ensure this safety is to identify the product throughout the production chain.

Yves Berger, Executive Director of Interbev, said: “From the time the meat is labelled, especially the new-labeling ‘meat of France’, there are various checks. The first control check for quality is the dedication of the breeder to his animals, and then what happens in the slaughterhouse.”

Our Paris correspondent Giovanni Magi said: “Food verification is regulated by the European institutions, and there are national agencies that perform research and analysis on products, conservation and production processes.”

The French Health and Food Safety Agency demonstrated how its laboratories work to students from a high school in Verdun.

A scientist said: “All these bacteria are involved in episodes that are called food toxi-infections, often collective and we are fighting against that.”

Marc Mortureux, Director General of Anses, said: “A lot of progress has been made with the implementation of new regulations across Europe, and that ensures that for each step in the food chain, from upstream to the production level, there is a whole series of plans to master the risks of contamination. Today there has been a very significant decline in so-called food poisoning.”

Crises in Europe such as the spread of mad cow disease led the institutions to put in place stricter regulations to ensure quality care over what Europeans eat.

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