Will this Welsh village be consumed by the sea in 30 years?

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By Rhal Ssan  & AFP
Fairbourne village, as seen from the air
Fairbourne village, as seen from the air   -   Copyright  CECILE CLOCHERET/AFP or licensors

After a summer of weather extremes, the reality of climate change is hitting home for communities in different parts of the world.

In Wales, residents of the coastal village of Fairbourne have been told their homes will be under water in 30 years, due to rising sea levels.

Plans are being made to move people to other locations. But before that, locals are finding it hard to get on with their lives.

Stuart Eves is a local councilor and says it’s impossible for people to get on the housing ladder.

"It's damned the village here because you can't get a mortgage. So the youngsters have got no chance of owning a house. You can't build anything new because there's no planning permission. There’re many villages up and down the coast and around the coast of Great Britain that will also be in the same predicament. As will the Houses of Parliament because they'll have gone as well. "

And it’s a problem that will be experienced all over the world. In Louisiana on the Isle de Jean Charles, residents have already been forced out, due to their homes coming under risk.

While the effects will be bad in the rich world, in poorer countries mitigating the effects of rising sea levels will be much more difficult.