5G takes centre stage at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress

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By Cristina Giner
5G is undoubtedly the hottest topic at the Mobile World Congress
5G is undoubtedly the hottest topic at the Mobile World Congress   -  Copyright  Euronews

The hottest topic at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress this year was undoubtedly 5G.

With faster speed and stronger connections, 5G has become a catalyst for the next generation of smartphones and more services.

"I think 5G will help digitise many industries but it’s not only meant for consumers," Shahid Ahmed, the global leader for New Ventures and Innovation at telecommunications company NTT, said.

"We hear about 5G for phones and that it’s great but I think the biggest impact we’ll see with 5G its in business to business space whether is a factory implementing 5G to automate their processes or a hospital putting 5G to connect not only their X-Ray machine but to connect their patients with the doctor".

Many are excited about the future uses of 5G: from connecting devices in real-time to sailing a boat remotely from hundreds of kilometres away.

But despite its advantages, some say that people will need to be aware of how to protect their data and better understand the ethics behind new technologies.

“We all have to be responsible to make the online world more secure, to protect us all and to make us feel confident when we use these technological tools," said Cristina Colom, the director of Digital Future Society, a Mobile World Capital Barcelona initiative

"We have to empower citizens to understand what it means to be in the online world, how to protect their data, how the ethics behind algorithms and artificial intelligence should not be negative for the citizen".

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