Lorry with ‘Incompetent government destroying shellfish industry’ waiting at a red light with Westminster in the background

Trucks owned by Britain's fishing sector descended on Westminster on Monday to protest against the Brexit red tape they claim is suffocating their businesses.

More than a dozen large lorries — one bearing the words “Brexit carnage!” — drove past the Houses of Parliament in central London and parked outside Downing Street, home to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

British fishing communities were among the strongest supporters of leaving the European Union because it promised the chance for the UK to leave the bloc’s complex system of fishing quotas and regain control over who is allowed to fish in British waters.

But now some in Britain's fishing industry say they are facing ruin because of new barriers to shipping their catch abroad. Last week, one Scottish fishing boss threatened to dump his rotting catch on politicians’ doorstep if the situation did not improve.