Review of the Year: What challenges lie ahead in 2021?

Review of the Year: What challenges lie ahead in 2021?
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Health crisis and natural disasters forced the world to live life differently in 2020. Euronews takes a brief look at what challenges and big events await for 2021.

2020 was a year with health crisis's and natural disasters, forcing everyone to adapt to new realities.


Ahead of us in 2021, are many shared challenges on an economic, geopolitical, social and climatic level. It'll also be a year with shared knowledge. 

Let's take a brief look back and also a look forward into next year.

COVID-19 pandemic

The future of the coronavirus pandemic will largely depend on two things, according to experts:

The strength of immunity people build against the virus after being exposed, and how the vaccines will be effective.

In Europe, based on solidarity, there'll be a vaccine for everyone and there's a recovery plan for the revival of economies.

New American President

In the US, the Trump era ends, and Joe Biden's era will begin.

The new President-elect has arduous tasks: to keep a pandemic under control that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and to heal a country torn by racial violence and protests.

Climate Change

Biden has promised to rejoin the Paris Agreement on his first day in office.

The accord sets out a global framework to limit global warming to well below 2°C and pursues efforts to limit it to 1.5°C


It's hoped that in 2021, the European migration pact will encourage member states to be more supportive of each other to avoid the concentration of immigrant populations and to strengthen the fight against illegal immigration.

Global business

Global recovery is unlikely in 2021. It'll take much longer to recover fully from the shock caused by the coronavirus pandemic than initially expected. That's according to the warning from the president of the European Central Bank. Christine Lagarde also stressed the danger of protectionism.



And we will begin to see the start of the impact of Brexit on the European Union. Britain will finally leave the EU on 1 January.

They'll be new rules for businesses, trade and British people living in the UK and abroad.

So let's look at the calendar for next year.

JANUARY 1 2021 Brexit

Brexit starts for real on the first day of the year.

JANUARY 20 2021 US President inauguaration

Biden's presidency will begin. Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th president of the US scheduled for Wednesday, the 20th of January in Washington DC.


MARCH 28 2021 Bulgaria election

They'll be a Parliamentary election in Bulgaria after mass anti-govt protests in the second half of 2020

MARCH Kosovo presidential vote

The Kosovo parliament will elect a new president after Thaci's resignation because of The Hague indictment

MAY 6 2021 Scottish independence test

There'll be Scottish Parliament elections on the pro-independence vote where there are calls for another referendum.

MAY 18-21 2021 World economic forum

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the World Economic Forum in Davos to move to Singapore in 2021.

May 18-22 2021 Eurovision song contest

The Eurovision song contest should be back in May after being postponed because of the health crisis.


JUNE 18 2021 Iran after Hassan Rouhani

In June, Iran will choose its next president. The country continues to face a severe economic crisis.

9/11 2021 attacks 20th anniversary

Then in September it's the 20th anniversary of the nine-eleven terror attacks.

SEPTEMBER 19 2021 Russia opposition impact

There'll be legislative elections in Russia in September for a new State Duma.

SEPTEMBER 26 2021 German Federal election

Also in September it'll be the German federal election for the 20th Bundestag.

OCTOBER 15-16 2021 Czech Republic election

And in October, the Czech Republic will renew its Parliament.

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