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Trump 'does not have the authority to interfere' US election vote, says expert

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By Euronews
Vote counting Arizona
Vote counting Arizona   -   Copyright  afptv

Both President Trump and Joe Biden are chasing the crucial number of 270 electoral college votes which will see them become the 46th US president.

Presidential elections in the US are not decided by the overall number of votes a candidate wins, but whether they have the most votes in the right states.

Once all the votes are counted, there is still a lengthy process to follow before the president can begin his term in office.

Under the electoral college system, all states must have finished counting votes by 8th December. A week later, state electors cast their ballots and the candidate who has reached or exceeded 270 votes wins the presidency.

At the beginning of next year the vote count is finalised and the results announced.

All legalities must be completed by 20 January for a new presidential term to begin.

Dan Wood is a professor of political science at Texas A&M university. He says The Founders Fathers created the system at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 as they did not trust democracy or the people to choose the right president.

He says is watching President Trump's attempt to interfere in this election very carefully.

"I think it is all bluster," he explains. "There is a lot of hand-waving but nothing will come of this as he doesn't have the authority to interfere."

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