Coronavirus: Footage shows Madrid hospital overflowing amid COVID-19 crisis

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By Euronews
Coronavirus: Footage shows Madrid hospital overflowing amid COVID-19 crisis
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This footage from a Spanish hospital reveals the reality of life on the COVID-19 frontline.

A walk through Severo Ochoa Hospital in Madrid shows it is overflowing with patients waiting in the corridors.

The luckiest lie in beds, armchairs or chairs. And others, apparently younger, lie on the floor on thin mats.

Luis Díaz Izquierdo, an emergency doctor at this centre, denies the official version about the distribution of equipment and tests.

"I don't want to get into political issues, which are not relevant, but when I hear on television that there is enough material, and then we ourselves and our colleagues with whom we have spoken this morning complain that there is not enough material, I cannot believe it.

"When they come out saying we have 300,000 tests. It's all very well having 300,000 kits but what's the point if there aren't any suitable professionals who can interpret them?"

Another specialist confesses the fear of health professionals catching the virus themselves, and bringing the coronavirus to their family. In addition, they are tired and unable to take a day off because of the loss of infected colleagues.

Spain currently has 64,000 confirmed cases, and nearly 5,000 deaths - the second highest in the world.

Video editor • Luke Hurst