Live updates: 10th debate attack tracker

A composite image of the Democratic candidates participating in the 10th de
By Nigel Chiwaya with NBC News Politics
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We'll track debate attacks throughout the night.


Which candidate will have the biggest target on their back Tuesday night in Charleston, South Carolina? Sen. Bernie Sanders, who hasemerged as the front-runner for the nomination? Former Vice President Joe Biden, who holds a slim lead in polling averages in the state before the primary on Saturday? Or billionaire Mike Bloomberg, the most-attacked candidate in last week's debate?

Follow along below. This tracker will update live throughout the night as the candidates attack one another. It will also count attacks against President Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Wall Street and corporations, along with the "ultra-rich."

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Read NBC News' live blog of the 10th Democratic debate, and see what happened in the previous debate in our ninth Democratic debate attack tracker.

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