Baby panda Guoqing celebrates 100 days

Baby panda Guoqing celebrated 100 days on Saturday at Chimelong Safari Park in Guangdong Province, southern China.

Born on the eve of the 70th National Day of China, on September 30, 2019, the baby panda got its name from Guoqing, which literally translates into "national celebration" in honor of the occasion.

Zookeepers said that Guoqing is still fed mainly with bottled milk and can gain more than 70 grams per day. On the 100th 'birthday' the puppy measured at 7.9 kilograms, of only 128 grams recorded when it had just been born.

The giant panda cub has been able to see and hear the world, and can crawl slowly with the support of its small but strong baby limbs.