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New app keeps you safe in hunting areas after 9 accidental deaths in France in 2019

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New app keeps you safe in hunting areas after 9 accidental deaths in France in 2019
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Over the past twenty years, hunting accidents have killed more than 350 people in France, believed to be the European country with the most hunters. Although the number of accidents is decreasing, it is doing so too slowly. The 2019 season already holds a tragic record with 9 fatalities.

Still in a test phase, the new 'Protect Hunt' part of the Land Share (or Jour de Chasse) app allows hunters to make public, in a very precise way, the area within which they are going to operate. Walkers, mushroom pickers, mountain bikers are warned by a sound alert when they approach this area.

"We really want to live together!"

Béatrice Étévé, a member of the French Hiking Federation, thinks the new app is a positive step towards sharing the woods with hunting groups:

"We still see people who are wondering why, for example, hunting isn’t banned on Saturdays or Sundays? But if we ask for a hunting ban on Sunday then hunters could ask hikers to be banned on another day (of the week). So we really want to live together."

Julien Rebuffet is part of the team testing this application and he hopes that it will be used more often up and down in the country. Rebuffet is also a member of the French Mountain Bikers Foundation:

"It has made encounters possible, and in a very positive way because we can see where the hunters are and why not go to meet them to say hello?"

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Journalist • Joao Vitor Da Silva Marques

Video editor • Joao Vitor Da Silva Marques