'COP25 is a failure', say climate activists

COP25 counter-summit in Madrid
COP25 counter-summit in Madrid Copyright Marta Rodríguez
By Marta Rodriguez Martinez
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For Fridays for Future activists, seven days was enough to describe the summit as a 'failure'.


Monday morning marked a week since the United Nations climate change conference started in Madrid.

However, for Fridays for Future activists, seven days was enough to describe the summit as a 'failure'.

"The implementation of Article 6 (of the Paris Agreement) will not reach a consensus," said Fridays for Future.

They called for a mass sit-in that will take place next Friday.

The announcement was made during COP25 counter-summit. However, some Fridays for Future activists attended the 'official' COP25 and witnessed first-hand how the high-level meetings are developing.

"Right now, we have the feeling that negotiations are very slow for this emergency situation, which makes us think that there will not be a real agreement or that there will be a delay on implementing certain elements of the Paris Agreement," explained José Ferreras, who has attended the official summit during the past days.

What is the alternative COP 25? While the UN climate COP25 is still underway in Madrid, an alternative climate summit is now being held. Euronews’ Marta Rodriguez is speaking with students who are participating in the alternative #COP25

Publiée par Euronews English sur Lundi 9 décembre 2019

Ferreras said to Euronews that corporate sponsors - known for their limited environmental commitment- also attend meetings. "If you want to solve climate change, you don't meet the people who are destroying the planet", he said.

"After a week, they are not reaching a consensus. They are not assuming the responsibilities that should be assumed and that is why we are going to demonstrate," explained to Euronews Youth for Climate activist Ainhara Garcia. "We need to denounce the irresponsibility of political leaders".

The activists explained that they can tell negotiations are not moving forward because of the attitude perceived in the corridors: while young activists are panicking, those responsible for putting together policies to curb climate change do not seem to be at the forefront of a global emergency.

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