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How 3D models aid machinery training

How 3D models aid machinery training
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Many machines in factories today are highly automated. This means it can take weeks or even months for employees to master them properly.

The Horizon 2020 Factory2Fit project wanted to take a fresh look at how people learn to operate a new machine.

Mariia Kreposna, solutions designer for Prima Power software, explains: "Whenever customers buy new equipment there is a lot of training involved - there is training for the operator, how to operate the system, how to run the parts, how to handle the safety devices, how to do the programming and so on. So the training takes a lot of time and even more time for the operators to get really familiar with the systems and know how to use them."

Constructing a 3D model of the machine familiarises employees with the machine before they work on the machine itself says Mariia Kreposna: "The training is done of the basis of precise 3D models so when the machines are installed it will look exactly the same as on their computer or in the office. They can also learn how to run the parts and the safety devices so whenever the machines are installed it takes less time to start up the production and reach the desired production volumes."

She says customers are attracted to the pre-training platform because they were able to modulise and configure the systems in the 3D models which were then exactly the same as the actual machine.