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Living as a displaced family around Marawi following the 2017 seige

By Monica Pinna
Living as a displaced family around Marawi following the 2017 seige

Anidah lives in a shelter in Boganga temporary site for people internally displaced following the Marawi siege.

Shelters are a few square meters' wide and Anidah lives in one of the units with her husband and her seven children. They settled down in the site, which opened this year East of Marawi’s old town, where the family used to live.

She describes the moment the family decided to leave:

“We lived in ground zero, we had an Internet café which was the source of our income," says Anidah.

“I was born in ground zero in Marawi city. I grew up there, this where I got married and had children. We thought that after a few days the conflict would stop, but when we heard planes bombing houses, we decided to move."

"During the siege, we moved to my husband’s place and we sold everything. Life was very difficult and we kept on moving from place to place and we ended up living here."

“We visited our house after the siege and we picked up some of the items that could have a value and we sold everything that was possible to sell."

"We moved here this year, life is very difficult, we moved because we can earn a living, we have a store, and children can go to school. In our previous shelter, the school was very far away.

Journalist • Katy Dartford