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Netherlands to reduce national speed limit to combat nitrogen pollution

Netherlands to reduce national speed limit to combat nitrogen pollution
By Rachael Kennedy
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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has confirmed that the national speed limit will be dropped to 100km/h (62mph) in a bid to combat the country's nitrogen pollution crisis.


The Netherlands has pledged to reduce its national speed limit in a bid to combat the country's ongoing nitrogen pollution crisis.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte confirmed the changes on Wednesday, saying the new maximum speed limit would be 100km/h (62mph) and would be enforced during daytime hours.

This is down from the current maximum speed limit of 130km/h (80mph).

It comes as part of the latest move to tackle the country's issue with nitrogen pollution, of which some gases have a more adverse effects on the environment than CO2.

In May, a top court in the Netherlands found the country was in breach of EU law in regards to its nitrogen emissions and it led to a halt on highly-emitting activities, including a number of construction projects.

Rutte said on Wednesday that it was important these construction projects were able to resume.

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Farming is another industry that produces high levels of nitrogen emissions, but local farmers have complained that the crisis has been unfairly pinned on them.

Last month thousands of farmers caused the "busiest morning rush hour ever" by using their tractors to block roads around The Hague to oppose the focus on pollution in their sector.

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