Trump admin targets soon-to-be-published insider book by 'Anonymous'

Image: "A Warning," a book from an anonymous senior Trump administration of
"A Warning," a book from an anonymous senior Trump administration official, will be published by Twelve in November. Copyright Twelve
By Jane C. Timm with NBC News Politics
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'A Warning' — expected to be highly critical of the president — is set to hit bookshelves later this month.


The Trump administration is trying to "intimidate and expose"the senior Trump administration official who has written an anonymous book, the author's literary agency charged on Monday.

"Our author knows that the President is determined to unmask whistleblowers who may be in his midst. That's one of the reasons 'A WARNING' was written," the literary agency, Javelin, said in a statement, referring to the soon-to-be-published book. "But we support the publisher in its resolve that the administration's effort to intimidate and expose the senior official who has seen misconduct at the highest levels will not prevent this book from moving forward."

The accusation comes after Hachette Book Group confirmed that they'd received a letter from the Trump administration, warning the publisher that nondisclosure agreements with the government could be violated.

The senior Trump administration official first debuted as an anonymous critic in a 2018 New York Times op-ed, claiming that they and others sought to thwart the president's agenda from inside the government.

Last month, the publisher announced the forthcoming book, which will be published Nov. 19, as an "unprecedented behind-the-scenes portrait of the Trump presidency" and "a shocking first-hand account of President Trump and his record."

Hachette said in a statement on Monday that it received the government's letter but would not provide the administration more information because the publisher is not party to any contracts with the U.S. government and intends to keep the author's identity secret.

"Hachette has, however, made a commitment of confidentiality to Anonymous and we intend to honor that commitment," the publisher said. "Please be assured that Hachette takes its legal responsibilities seriously and, accordingly, Hachette respectfully declines to provide you with the information your letter seeks."

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