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Benur tricycle means mobility for all

By Euronews
Benur tricycle means mobility for all

Joseph Mignozzi, loves sports. But after temporarily losing his mobility, he decided to develop this tricycle: Benur. This off-road electric vehicle has got everyone excited from people with reduced mobility to local authorities and commercial companies.

"There are many uses to it because it is an inclusive vehicle. Like transporting micro loads in the city centre; taking the children to school, for a walk around a lake going along the ViaRhôna with my child or to put my shopping or picnic inside. The subject of mobility is essential today. For me, there are two necessary things in life: the first thing is simply to breathe for living. And the second is mobility. If you don't move you have all kinds of problems. It is a personal, social, and professional issue. Moving around is part of human nature so Benur is simply there to make sure that everyone can move around freely and independently," he says.

"For three years now, I have been running the project, I get energy day from meeting users. When a person uses it and says to me: "Joseph it's great, it allows me to move. But when I use it, what is so important is the change of perspective on disability, because people also look at me differently," he says the messages he receives from users encourage push forward with Benur.