Astronaut rocks Ibiza with first ever DJ set from Space!

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By Euronews  with AFP
Astronaut rocks Ibiza with first ever DJ set from Space!

Astronaut, pilot and now also a DJ.

Euronews's space correspondent Luca Parmitano performed a DJ set that was literally out of this world on Tuesday night.

The ESA astronaut mixed onboard the International Space Station (ISS), where he has lived since July 21, making him the first space DJ.

Luca's set, which lasted between 15 and 20 minutes, was broadcast live as a curtain-raiser for a huge music cruise in Ibiza. Around 3,000 people attended the event.

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The concert was also broadcast on the event's Facebook page. A higher resolution version was made available on Wednesday.

LIVE from Space with Luca Parmitano by ESA & BigCityBeats

Go BIG and go to SPACE! Have you ever thought that someone would organize a DJ set in space? Well, we did it together with ESA - European Space Agency! Take a look at historical scenes in the music industry, with astronaut Luca Parmitano dropping some serious beats all the way from space!

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Fletcher explained that although this kind of music "is something very new" for Luca, he is a "very enthusiastic" person who "always wants to go further and try new things". "It's something very typical of Luca," he said.

Luca trained to mix with Le Shuuk, a German DJ who selected several pieces that were available to the astronaut for his set.

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The ESA astronaut mixed tracks and beats using a tablet on which he has downloaded a special program.

Our space correspondent carries out this activity "in his spare time," after having told Euronews in the latest episode of Space Chronicles that his first weeks in orbit were very busy.

"Our goal is to bring space to the general public so that they understand what the ESA is doing," explained Emmet Fletcher.

"By participating in this concert, ESA will reach a whole community of young people, most of whom will not take the step of taking an interest in space on their own. So space will come to them in Ibiza", said French astronaut Jean-François Clervoy.

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Although Parmitano has become the first DJ in space, music is not something new to the ISS. Astronauts in space often listen to music that reminds them of home. Some of them, like Luca, even play instruments. The ISS currently has two guitars, a keyboard and a saxophone on board.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was prolific with his music during his tenure on the station in 2013. Watch his zero-gravity cover of David Bowie's Space oddity below.