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Watch: Woodstock album cover couple still together 50 years on

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By Sinead Barry  with Reuters
Woodstock couple Bobbi and Nick recreate the famous photo
Woodstock couple Bobbi and Nick recreate the famous photo   -   Copyright  REUTERS/Dan Fastenberg

Nearly 50 years later, the couple pictured in the famous Woodstock photo is still together.

Nick and Bobbi Ercoline started going out around three months before the festival and decided on a whim to go after hearing about the event on the radio.

The couple doesn't remember the photo and didn't even realise they had made the cover of Woodstock's triple album until they listened to the record with their friends.

"Just getting up in the morning, standing up, giving my girlfriend a hug. I don't even remember the picture being taken honestly," said Nick.

Bobbi noted that she felt calmness when looking back at the photo.

"I feel that it's like the birds waking up in the morning, and we're just kind of, sorting it out. We're just waking up, looking for a nice hot cup of coffee, when there was none,"

"Water was intermittent, sketchy. Food was sold out Friday night. The weather was absolutely awful," Bobbi said. "And 450,000 people gathered here and not one incident of violence. That's pretty amazing. The world needs more Woodstock."

The pair married in 1971 and now have two children. The couple lives near the farm in Bethel Woods where the historic festival was held on August 15-18, 1969. 

Now, they volunteer at the Bethel Woods Museum, where a permanent "Woodstock and the Sixties" exhibition is on display.

Video editor • Christophe Pitiot