International Beer Day: Who produces and consumes the most beer in the EU?

International Beer Day: Who produces and consumes the most beer in the EU?
Copyright Alexas Fotos / Pixabay
Copyright Alexas Fotos / Pixabay
By Cristina Abellan Matamoros
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Germany produced 21% of the total EU beer production in 2018.


On International Beer Day, Germans can celebrate as they were 2018’s top beer producer in the EU with a production of 8.3 billion litres — that’s 21% of the EU’s total production.

The second country to produce the most beer within the EU was the UK with 12% of the total bloc’s production, followed by Poland (10%), Spain (9%). The Netherlands and Belgium produced the same amount (6%).

Compared with 2017 figures, Italy was the EU country to increase its beer production the most followed by Hungary (11%) and Czech Republic (6%).

In contrast, beer production in the UK fell by 20%, followed by Austria and Slovakia (10%) and the Netherlands (9%).

Over 39 billion litres of alcoholic beers were produced in the EU — that's equivalent to around 76 litres per inhabitant.


Top beer exporter

The Netherlands may have not been the top beer producer but it was the top beer exporter in 2018. It exported 1.9 billion litres of alcoholic beers, putting it ahead of Belgium and Germany (both at 1.6 billion litres), followed by France (0.6 billion litres) and the UK (0.5 billion litres).

The United States was the main destination for beer exports to non-Eu countries, with 29% of beer exports crossing the Atlantic to reach the US.

Czech out who consumes the most beer in Europe?

Germany may be the main producer but it is not the main consumer, at least not per capita. According to statistics from the European lobby Brewers of Europe, the Czech Republic was the country that consumed the most beer in 2017 with 138 litres per person.

Austria comes in second with 105 litres per person, followed by Germany with 101 litres per person.

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