Getting from A to bee: Utrecht installs environmentally-friendly bus stops

Getting from A to bee: Utrecht installs environmentally-friendly bus stops
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By Lauren Chadwick
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The municipality of Utrecht installed 316 green-friendly bus stops complete with a green roof, bamboo seat, and LED lighting.


A city in the Netherlands installed 316 "green" bus stops, complete with a roof made of succulent plants, a bamboo seat and LED lighting.

Utrecht, a city of over 1.2 million people, installed green roofs to "ensure biodiversity in the city", something the municipality says is "good for insects such as bees".

The city first started installing the green roofs in April as part of an effort to be a healthier and happier city. They said the green roofs will capture fine dust and provide cooling in the heat.

"Our mission is to be the healthiest region in Europe. The number of inhabitants in the city and the region is growing rapidly," a spokesperson for the city told Euronews.

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Ninety-six of the bus stops also have solar panels.

The city is working to encourage more of these green-friendly policies. They even offer a subsidy for people who would like to install their own green roof or solar panels.

The city advises that a good time to install a green roof is if the old one is "worn out".

To be eligible for a subsidy, the roof must be larger than 20 square metres.

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