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June heatwave expected to break national all-time temperature records in France

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June heatwave expected to break national all-time temperature records in France
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Europe is bracing itself as parts of the continent are expected to see temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius this week

Meteorologists say this June heatwave might break previous national all-time records in France before Friday.

Today a high of 36 degrees is forecast for Paris, while Lyon is predicted to reach 38 degrees, which is also the forecast for Madrid.

Tomorrow Rome is also expected to reach 38C, Toulouse in France 40C and in northern Spain 42C is predicted for Zaragoza.

Euronews’s Hannane Ferdjani reports that many parts of France are already on high alert and peak temperatures are expected to reach 45 degrees on Friday in the towns of Nîmes and Carpentras.

This would be the highest ever recorded temperature in France – beating the previously recorded temperature back in 2003 with 44.1C in two villages (Saint-Christol-lès-Alès and Conqueyrac) in the Gard region in the south.

Ferdjani says that to put things into perspective the key difference is that “back in 2003 these high temperatures were recorded in the month of August” and to see these in June is highly unusual. She also added that France’s health minister Agnès Buzyn has said that this is the new normal: “We will have to change the way we live, the way we act, the way we work, travel, dress … We are going to have to change our habits and stop thinking these episodes are exceptional.”

In Paris, our correspondent Anelise Borges reported that the authorities in the French capital are putting plans in place to stop around 1 million cars coming to the city today.

“Only electric vehicles and those registered under categories 1 and 2 will be allowed in the city,” Borges said of the measures aiming to stop spikes in air pollution due to the hot weather. Several schools are being closed and exams are being postponed until next week in the hope to keep people indoors.

In Berlin, Jessica Saltz noted that national temperature records are expected to be broken. Parts of the country are predicted to go over the 40.3C mark which was recorded in 2015. Experts say this would be unprecedented as early as this in the summer.

In Rome, our reporter Giorgia Orlandi says that highs of over 40C are forecast for parts of the country and that orange alerts have been issued by the authorities today in 16 areas, including Florence and other parts in northern and central Italy.

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