Danish students learn to relax with anti-stress dog

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By Euronews
Danish students learn to relax with anti-stress dog

At the Vester Mariendal school in the Danish city of Aalborg, a black Labrador named Sif is everyone's pet project.

She's part of an initiative to reduce stress among pupils. Studies have shown the mere presence of a dog in class can having a calming effect and help concentration.

"I think it is fantastic when Sif is there and the comforting effect she has on exam-stressed students," says Stine Storgaard, a teacher at the school. "It means a lot to have Sif with them."

Denmark's not the only country where therapy animals have been introduced to good effect in places likes schools and care homes. But the country is taking a lead - and research shows it works.

Charlotte Glintborg, is a professor of psychology at the University of Aalborg:

"Animals are used in nursery homes and schools, for example. They help people feel safe in these situations. Animals are being used in this way more and more in society, "

Sif may be a Labrador but at this school everyone thinks she's a great Dane.