Watch: Skateboards and skipping ropes at Tokyo's Chimera games

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By Euronews  with AP
The Chimera Games is now in its seventh year
The Chimera Games is now in its seventh year   -   Copyright  AP

Extreme yo-yo and breakdancing combined with Double Dutch skipping are highlights of Tokyo's Chimera Games.

Now in its seventh year, the biannual event is best known for high-risk sports such as skateboarding, but its inclusive nature means there are plenty of activities that require a little less nerve.

"Chimera Games is not only an event for sports, but for various cultures such as music, dance, workshops for music and art, and so on. It's a combination of all these fun activities so that everyone can enjoy it," said Games director, Ryuta Fumihara.

Shu Takada has won first place in the World Yo-yo Contest for three years running. He started practising yo-yo when he was six years old and now travels the world to take part in competitions. For him, the Chimera Games play an important role in introducing people to new and unusual activities.

"This event is great because you can try your hand in many different cultures. Included in that is yo-yo, which is a new sport that I hope many people can try and enjoy," he said.

Proving popular this year is the Reg Style group, which combines breakdancing with Double Dutch skipping. Formed in 2015, they have won several Double Dutch competitions.

"Our name comes from the word 'regale', which means to be welcoming and to entertain. We try to express that when we perform and it makes us happy when we hear that the people that watched us enjoyed it," said group member Yui.

Video editor • Francois Rudolf