Meet the witches claiming to fight corruption in Romania with spells and magic

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By Cristina Abellan Matamoros  & Peter Barabas
Meet the witches claiming to fight corruption in Romania with spells and magic
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While Romanian citizens are getting ready to hit the polls to vote in the European elections, a group of self-proclaimed witches are working behind closed doors to make sure that the "right" candidates get seats.

Euronews spoke to one of them, Mihaela Minca, who says she is working on a mass ritual ahead of the May 25 vote to enlighten candidates' minds so they take the best decisions for the Romanian people.

“We are preparing a very powerful substance for May 25, which my daughters will go and throw over the Romanian government building," she said.

“The enchanted water will enlighten and clarify the politicians’ minds so that they make good decisions for the Romanian people.”

The witches have been performing rituals at midnight, dawn, and sunset since May 9 to create the magical substance. They say the concoction contains traces of animals, candles and flowers.

Although Minca usually offers to help with love or money problems, she recently turned her attention to the problems in her country. She joined a network of Romanian witches seeking to put a curse on Romanian lawmakers they deemed corrupt.

"We carried out two special rituals on Romanian politicians: A white magic ritual to enlighten their minds and powers to fight in Romania for the people, to do good things. And I did a black magic ritual on the politicians who don’t keep their words to offer a better life to Romanians, so (because of my ritual) they will have problems.

"If they want to act against the Romanians, to steal, to drive the country into poverty, then they will go to jail or have health problems. We will act for the good. Our black magic will affect those who don’t mean well to the Romanian people."

Witchcraft is an old folk custom in the eastern European country. In 2015, Romania's government made witchcraft a taxable profession, obliging fortune tellers, tarot readers and witches to file taxes for their work. They must also have a permit to practice their ancient customs.

Witches who go online

Minca and her daughters have been using the magical powers of the internet to offer their services to clients around the world.

Going online has allowed witches like Minca to migrate the ancient practices of witchcraft online. The practice remains the same, she said, but it allows us to be in contact with clients from other countries.

"People who need our help need to send us their pictures and names and because they are at such a great distance, it's enough to just see them on Facebook and then we cast the ritual spell."