Road Trip Europe Day 39 Cluj Napoca: Romania's Silicon Valley

Road Trip Europe Day 39 Cluj Napoca: Romania's Silicon Valley
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Our reporters Damon Embling and Gabor Tanacs travel to Cluj Napoca, a city in northern Romania described as the country’s Silicon Valley.

Steeped in history but embracing the latest technology, Cluj Napoca is attracting new talent from across Romania as jobs and salaries are fairly attractive. Young workers, who may otherwise have headed abroad, are flocking here.

Nordlogic has been in business for 13 years working with clients in Europe and beyond. The workforce is more than 50 strong – drawing on talent from two city universities – and are specialists in IT software.

Adrian Cozma, a 28-year-old web developer is one of them. He studied in Cluj, decided to stay and has never looked back. "We get the same, almost the same, payment as anywhere else in the EU or other countries. Maybe for other sectors, it is a bit different, but for IT, it’s almost the same.

"At one point, I was thinking about leaving, but now everything is ok here in Cluj, even people from other countries are coming here for IT jobs. I just love it here. It’s home for me.”

There are now more than 700 IT start-ups in Cluj, facilitated by foreign investment.

Watch the full report in the player above.

Watch the full report from Damon Embling and Gabor Tanacs from Cluj Napoca in the player above.