Google launches its first drone delivery service in Australia

Google launches its first drone delivery service in Australia
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By Cristina Abellan Matamoros
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Google has launched its first drone delivery service in Australia,


Alphabet (Google) has made history again. Wing, one of the many companies belonging to the tech giant, has been given consent to officially launch its drone delivery service. The company has been making trial deliveries by drone for the last year and a half in Canberra without making any mistakes. This Tuesday, the company received the 'OK' from Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

The drones will deliver food and drinks as well as medication directly to clients' homes. 

CASA gave its approval after testing the safety of the drones, its traffic management system, maintenance, the drone pilot training and operational plans. 

"There are no risks to pedestrians, real estate or other aircraft," the test concluded. 

However, the service must follow a series of conditions for use: Wing will be able to operate the drones during a specific timetable (not before 7am) and the drones will not be allowed to fly over main roads and will have to keep a minimum distance with pedestrians.

During the testing phase, one of the main problems that arose was the noisy nature of the gadgets, forcing Wing to make more silent drones.

The new delivery service will start to be operational in a few weeks and will start operating in a few neighbourhoods in Canberra first before expanding to the entire city.

The company is also thinking of using Helsinki as its testing site for the European continent.

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