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Can Italy's millennials afford not to be 'mama's boys'? | NBC Left Field

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By NBC Left Field
Can Italy's millennials afford not to be 'mama's boys'? | NBC Left Field

Ten years after the global financial crisis, many European countries are still feeling the economic strain.

In Italy, more than 70% of young adults still live at home. Finding a stable job is proving difficult as youth unemployment remains among the highest in Europe at 30%.

Some millennials in Italy are turning to the traditions of the past, while others are choosing to go their own way. The question is — can they strike a balance between tradition and modernisation, between individualism and family?

"In today's world, it feels really hard to have a true sense of stability," says millennial and Florence resident Annalisa. "Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, mine is through dance."

"Fear is there," Annalisa admits. "I think it is in every person who's working towards something, there is always this fear of not succeeding. But it is up to you how you use it."

Watch the NBC Left Field video in the player above to find out more about what life is like as an Italian millennial.

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