Is 'strongman' politics chipping away at women's rights? | Raw Politics

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By Euronews
Is 'strongman' politics chipping away at women's rights? | Raw Politics

A recently published letter has sparked a debate over whether "macho" politics is hindering women's rights.

The letter, signed by more than two dozen female leaders, "seeks to underscore that the risk posed by politics that seek to halt and erode gender quality is a risk not only to women but also to all of humanity because half the population is prevented from contributing to its full potential".

"At the end of the day, it's about social inclusion, social justice I would say," Bulgarian politician Irina Bokova, who is one of the co-founders of the movement behind the letter, told Euronews' Raw Politics. 

"Everybody should contribute to society's well-being. And this is what we see nowadays being undermined by the rise of such populist trends."

When asked how this trend could be resolved, Bokova called on more people to join the movement towards equality.

"I think we need to make very strong advocacy, we need to go and talk to these leaders, we need to mobilise the civil society," Bokova said.

Today's panel on Raw Politics discussed whether this "macho" politics could really hurt women's rights and the wellbeing of society.

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