Tesla's latest tech aims to stop dogs suffering in hot cars

A Tesla Model 3 on display in Toronto
A Tesla Model 3 on display in Toronto Copyright REUTERS/Chris Helgren
Copyright REUTERS/Chris Helgren
By Mark Armstrong
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No more hot dogs: Hi-tech carmaker Tesla's latest gimmick allows owners to use software to protect their pets


Maverick entrepreneur Elon Musk's latest innovative ruse to keep his Tesla cars in the public eye is aimed at dog owners.

Driving.co.uk reports that the hi-tech company's latest software update includes a mode to keep dogs cool when parked.

Tesla says Dog Mode will keep the air conditioning running when owners have to leave their pets in the car, preventing them from overheating and possibly dying.

A message will also be displayed on the car's touchscreen panel reading: "My owner will be back soon."

The message is designed to discourage passers-by from attempting to break in and rescue the animal after assuming the vehicle is too hot.

The website also reports another new feature for Tesla - Sentry Mode. It's designed to keep the car in a standby state when parked, meaning the surround view cameras keep running.

If a threat is detected, such as someone leaning against the car, a message will appear on the screen saying the cameras are recording and the footage is being stored.

If a more serious threat is detected such as an attempted break-in, then the alarm is activated, music is played at maximum volume and the owner is notified via a mobile app.

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