Is Karl Lagerfeld's cat the world's most pampered pet?

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By Rachael Kennedy
Is Karl Lagerfeld's cat the world's most pampered pet?

Choupette, the 7-year-old feline and muse of German designer Karl Lagerfeld, could possibly become heir to the icon's fortune.

When asked about leaving the fortune to his beloved pet, he said: "among others, yes."

"Don't worry, there's enough for everyone," he added, in an interview with France's Numero magazine last year.

In reality, the designer's Birman cat is among some of the world's most loved and pampered pets, living a lavish lifestyle with several maids on hand, and fame to follow.

On Instagram, Choupette boasts more than 170,000 followers, and on Twitter, a further 50,000.

In an interview with Euronews in 2016, Lagerfeld described his own adoration for the feline, saying "she is exceptional and world famous."

"Never before in my life did I think I would fall in love with a cat," Lagerfeld said. "She's hilarious with her big eyes like star sapphires."

"And her coat is perfect because she has several maids, she is never alone."

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She is also the inspiration for Lagerfeld's 2015 collection, "Choupette in Love," which can be viewed on the designer's website.

Can Choupette legally become heir?

In last year's Numero piece, the interviewer reminded Lagerfeld that he could not legally leave his fortune to his feline in France, where he resided.

"Well it's lucky I'm not French then," he replied.

But in Germany, where Lagerfeld was originally from, this may be possible, Le Figaro reported.